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International HPV Awareness Day

4th March 2024

HPV is the human papillomavirus. Almost all of us will have HPV at some point and while for most of us it isn't harmful, HPV is linked to several kinds of cancer. This site provides information to help learn about HPV and reduce your cancer risks.

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Spread the word

Spread the word

Educating ourselves and others about HPV and cancer is the first step to reducing our risk. Find out more about the public information resources available to help spread the word.
Social Post and Poster Builder

Social Post and Poster Builder

We can all take action to reduce the harm of HPV. Our social post builder is an easy way to share a simple personal message about how vaccination and screening means #onelessworry for the world

Your HPV Story

Your HPV Story

Everyone is affected by HPV - either directly or indirectly. Sharing our stories is a great way to raise awareness of the impact of HPV and to reduce the stigma that increases everyone’s risk.

HPV Facts

Everything you need to know about HPV from people you can trust. Our information is provided by leading scientists global experts in HPV.

HPV vaccination

Getting an HPV vaccination can help prevent 6 types of cancer.

Screening for cervical cancer

Cervical screening can spot cell changes that can lead to cancer.

2 January 2024 | 4PM CET

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