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HPV and cancer

HPV is a very common virus - almost all of us will have it at some point. If you have HPV, it doesn't mean that you will get cancer, but it does increase your risk of certain kinds of cancer. HPV is responsible for around 630,000 cancer diagnoses globally each year. 

  • Cancer of the cervix - around 90% of cervical cancer diagnoses are caused by HPV. 
  • Anal cancer - around 90% of anal cancer diagnoses are caused by HPV.
  • Head and neck cancers - around 1 in 3 head and neck cancer diagnoses are caused by HPV.
  • Vaginal cancer - 4 out of 5 cases of vaginal cancer are caused by HPV.
  • Vulvar cancer - about half of all cases of vulvar cancer are caused by HPV.
  • Penile cancer - over half of the cancers affecting the skin of the penis are caused by HPV.

We have the tools to beat HPV, with awareness, vaccination, cervical screening and management we could eliminate almost all cases of HPV-related cancer.

HPV Facts

Everything you need to know about HPV from people you can trust. Our information is provided by leading scientists global experts in HPV.
HPV stories

HPV stories

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